Anti-wrinkl White Tuxedo Shirt - 95% Cotton Wing Collar Shirt with French Cuffs


Size Guide
  • White with Black button: 95% cotton,
  • White with white button :one :60% cotton
  • Hidden button: 60% cotton
  • White with Black button 95% cotton,white with white button and hidden button:60% cotton
  • Tumble dry low
  • VERSATILE COTTON BLEND. With 95% Cotton 5% blend, you'll find this shirt to be Durable, breathable, and highly adaptable. The solid construction of the shirt will allow for repeated washings and is suited to year-round wear regardless of temperature.
  • TIMELESS, UNDERSTATED STYLE. With 1/4 Inch Wide Pleats on the front, this classic laydown collar tuxedo shirt fits the bill, every time.
  • FRENCH CUFFS. Standard, generously cut French cuffs will allow accentuate the arms. Included are replaceable black cufflinks, but they can be swapped out for a more personal touch
  • EASY TO ACCESSORIZE. Versatile with any tuxedo, this formal shirt is also perfectly complemented by formal vests and accessories such as other ties & cufflinks.
  • PRICED RIGHT & GREAT FOR ALL OCCASIONS. It doesn't matter if the occasion calls for black tie event, a wedding, a concert performance or a gala, or you just want to look dashing on a date, this tuxedo shirt will go beyond the call of duty to make you shine.
Size Guiding

If you have got one fitted jacket/blazer or suits.Thats easy.

you can just choose your usual wear jacket size.(please note  what our  site shows is US/UK size).and please put additional information in the note box above the" add in cart "button

1.weight and height.(this can help us to evaluate the length)

2.usual wear jacket and pants size

3.event date

------for exaple,I am 160lbs and height 5'10,I will choose size 38,and pute in note box"160lbs ,5'8,jacket 38R and  pants32-30",add in cart and then place  the order.

If you have never get one suits,and you dont know your jacket size

please get a measurements tape and measure the chest and belly .

choose random size or Customzied size

put in the note box

1.Wegiht and height

2.chest belly and waist measurements

3.event date

For exaple I choose  "160lbs ,5'8,chest 37 1/2",belly 35,pants wear 32" add in cart and place order.

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