I know every Groom want  to decide a best design and a best color for your big day.

 It actually has no best one,there is only suitable one . 

Well in my oponion black, royal blue or a dark shade of burgundy can really compliment your over all wedding look.

There are many factors to be addressed before you pick a colour for suits.

  1. Will you match with bride to complements each other to show unity?
  2. Season has very important factor for both of you to pick the right colour, you can always set a trend by doing it right.
  3. Your own skin colour will narrow down your choice of colours. You don't want contrasts but blended with your dress and you face and eyes are promoting your personality.
  4. If it's during summer time, then pick bright deep shade colour, winter or cold weather then you can pick dark  shade of color.

Black,Navy,Royal Blue ,Burgundy are all classic colors for wedding.They can really compliment your over all wedding look.

White,Light Pink,or Beige in summer,specially for a beach wedding, will make you stand apart from the crowd.

The colour is the choice of the person's, the fit should be formality. You always coordinate with your partner, your body built should dictate the suit, get a suit with perfect fit !

Maria Lynn