Fall weddings are known for their warm and inviting color palettes. Deep and earthy tones dominate, with shades of burgundy, orange, rust, gold, deep red, and brown. These colors are incorporated into everything from the decorations to the attire.

5 Best Color for Fall Wedding Suits by ClassyBy



It combines the rich, earthy tones of brown with Burgundy Bow tie.The perfect color combination that is evergreen and eternal. Add a touch of romanticism to your homemade wedding with this stunning combo. It's a Fall wedding that you will cherish for years to come.



The primary color of the Autumn is Organge. Start with this hue and then continue to apply shades of yellow, deep red, and other bright shades to create vibrancy for your wedding style.

3.Ivory /Burgundy

The deep, rich burgundy color combined with the crisp, clean Ivory trousers creates a striking contrast that is sure to turn heads at the weddings


4.Purple and White

A colorful Fall wedding would benefit from the striking color combination of Purple and White. 

5.Burgundy and Black

The colors burgundy and balck represented in this set are classic fiesta-style wedding colors that work perfectly together. 

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