Size Guiding

If you don't know how to choose a size,please just give us the following information,we will choose fit one for you.

NOTE: Do not leave extra space/room as if to make it comfortable.
            Just give us you body tight measurements.
            Because we will adjust the measurements to fit your body. 
Size unit: cm or inch
5 Weight &height
6.Tell Your usual wear jacket size and pants size
(please Marked US or EU size,it is your usual wear size not size on our chart).
If you want choose a size by yourself,please see the following Size chart for reference
Choose Finished Suit size need  add about extra 2.5 inches to the body actual Measurement(slit fit effect).
**Jacket size= 2.5"(6cm) + actual tight chest body measurement.
**Pants waist =your actual waist measurement.add no extra..
**Pants hip = extra  2.5" (6cm)+.actual tight hips body measurement
-------For Example I weight 70KG(154lbs),height 168cm(5feet 6inches),
my actual tight measurement for chest 38inches,
waist actual size  is 32inches.
so jacket size= 38"+2.5"=40.5" So I choose M
Pants =32.

Now Do you know how to choose correct size ? if not please just send email for help.